The features of TrafficFabrik at a glance

Unique but simple concept: quality before quantity

No blind clicks - only interested costumers

Upload your own banners easily


Bidding-system with a lowest price guarantee

Well-engineered fraud management

Conversion tracking

Possibility to set a daily budget

Easy campaign creation

Detailed statistics

Intuitive campaign management

The TrafficFabrik concept

When we started the project TrafficFabrik, it was not our goal to create another traffic platform that interacts with large numbers and small success. The problem of almost all known traffic marketers is that they usually only handle foreign traffic.

Thousands and thousands of large and small webmasters partly work using all possible means to increase the number of clicks while entirely disregarding quality. In a system, that monitors several thousand partners, it is almost impossible to control all repeated own clicks or every new, fraudulent technology that creates fake or automated customer clicks.

In recent years, these circumstances have led to a dramatic decline in advertising prices, which usually relates to the quality of that traffic.

The long-term success of the advertisers determines the value of purchased traffic, because the advertiser is only able to invest a certain part of his revenue in advertising. For him it does not matter whether he divides these advertising expenditures by 100 million or 10 thousand - the sum remains the same at the end.

Good traffic has to remain good traffic

As an advertiser at TrafficFabrik you can be sure that the problems described above will not occur. The reason for this is that we do not allow any external partners as publishers - with few exceptions only - and work exclusively with our own traffic about which we know exactly how it was generated.

Only a very small percentage of the traffic offered is derived from partners with whom we have worked together for many years and that share our philosophy to 100%. In addition, the TrafficFabrik has one of the most sophisticated fraud prevention techniques that exist.

The calculations for these prevention techniques are so extensive and complex that they have to be calculated externally in a specifically designed cloud. Any unnatural deviation is detected and reported immediately to the system administrator.

Your price for traffic

The word "expensive" describes a product or service that does not have the exspected value. In the area of customer acquisition it is the advertisers target to get long term costumers because these bring the most revenue which has to be greater than the cost of their acquisition.

At our system you as an advertiser define your newly acquired customers' value by yourself. We have a sophisticated and easy-to-understand bidding system in which the price is never higher than your maximum bid. If the current price is lower, you pay less. Banners with strong click rates are possibly preferred over high bids - our system calculates that automatically. TrafficFabrik offers you various different types and pre-filtered traffic from different target groups. That is why you have the option to choose between international traffic and premium traffic (Germany - Austria - Switzerland). Each of these groups have a pre-set targeting minimum price and a recommended bid price. The recommended bid price is calculated taking into account the traffic currently available in relation to the current highest bid for a click.

The minimum price for a click is 0.01 € - the recommended bid price is € 0.10.
In this case, at least one competing bid is € 0.09, which you can overbid with € 0.10.
Suppose you now offer this € 0.10 but your competitors' daily budget is depleted. In this case your closest competitor would be the next lowest bid. Assuming this would be a € 0.07 bid, then your banner would be preferred at a price of 0.08 € - even if your maximum bid is € 0.10. Our system therefore automatically places your ad at the best possible price.

Reasons for our network vs. individual website ads

In some other ad systems, you have the option of booking individual domains directly. This is not possible with TrafficFabrik for the following reasons:

1. It is almost impossible to manually control such a high amount of traffic from specific pages permanently.

2. The selection of website topics is illogical when placing adult ads, since adult clients are known to be responsive for many for adult areas. So there is no reason that the visitor of a dating site would not view live cams or the lover of Lesbian content would not be interested in other sex-related topics.

3. We do not offer blind traffic. It is obvious for the users that he sees an advertisement. That is why you only pay for clicks from customers that are really interested in your product.

4. The pre-qualification of certain sites has already been made by us.

5. Exclusion of individual pages from the system would eventually lead to the loss of buying users, since each domain has good and bad days. This is primarily due to the placement of individual search terms in search engines, which, as we all know, can always change.

"Half my advertising is a waste. I just don't know which half!" This quote by Henry Ford remains valid for present online marketing strategies. Consequently, success is the only criterion for determining the quality of an advertising campaign. Of course TrafficFabrik offers you the possibility of conversion tracking, which allows you to see exactly how much money you have spent for customer acquisition. The better your product, the more often new clients will communicate with your web site. This market rule will determine over the existence of online businesses even more in the future. A Company with good and satisfied customers will have more money to win new customers.

Methods of payment

International and premium traffic have different minimum price rates and a current "recommended bid" price. The recommended bid price depends on the height of the current bids. Advertisers have the opportunity at any time to change and adapt their bids and budgets to their experience and achievements. Currently, the following payment options are available:

Your advertising always runs with prepaid credit, which you have on your TrafficFabrik account. When paying by credit card there is the possibility to make automatic charges once your account has reached a predetermined minimum balance.

Do you have any questions?

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