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Who should be interested in advertising on the TrafficFabrik adsystem?

We conduct our business concept exclusively having the needs of medium and large scale adult companies in mind. Our defined goal is to generate long term costumers. We do not offer traffic that has no other purpose than driving up the counter. Due to that, TrafficFabrik is not suitable for affiliate webmasters and buyers of junk traffic. We do not sell junk traffic and therefore cannot be compared with providers offering TAI pricing, in which a number appears only in the fifth decimal place. The value of our traffic is not in its mass but in its class.

How long does the activation of a new ad take?

New customers receive a confirmation email after registration. You can then log into the system. Once the first funds are credited to your account, the first activation of your booking may take up to 24 hours.

If you are an existing customer, your ads will start immediately (within 4 hours), when your account has credit. If your account has to be charged first, the process takes its course after receipt of payment and accounting.

How does the money get on my advertising account?

Currently, the following payment options with real-time function are available:

  • Kreditkarte (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Paypal
How does conversion tracking work?

Conversion Tracking helps you to measure the success of your advertising campaign. You have the possibility to generate different tracking codes in the system and include them in the pages you want to track.


  • You can set up Conversion Tracking to track sales by placing a Conversion Code on your sales completion page. When a user lands on this page, the ad server will record the sale as a conversion if the user came from one of your advertisements.

Using conversion tracking will allow you to better analyze the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

How can I improve the success of my ads?

There is not just one way of doing it. Advertising success is the result of a variety of optimization methods. If you are using our conversion tracking tool you may learn a lot about optimization opportunities that you can improve on your landing page. Basically, you should just try a lot of things when setting up your campaign.

  • Advertise with different ads for the same destination page
  • Advertise with the same ads for different target sites that offer the same product
  • Spur the customer into action (e.g. Click here to get this and that)
  • Do not set the price on acquisition of new customers too low. Think about the profit a long-term costumer generates and put that in relation to the cost you would have to pay in an affiliate marketing sharing model.
  • Show what you have promised in your ad on your landing page.